Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fish market

Tetsu and I have been out all day. We made a day of taking Tetsu's mother to the seaside to visit the fish market.

Getting Tetsu's mother to come out is a real job. Sometimes she says she wants to do something but usually by the time we've made our plans she will say she can't because something hurts or she feels sick or the weather is too bad for her to be out etc. Thursday she called and said the weather forecast was bad and her blood pressure was going crazy so she wouldn't be able to go.

"We like the rain. Maybe by Saturday you'll be better."

Last night she called to say she was feeling sick to her stomach and wouldn't be able to go.

"We've already borrowed a wheelchair. We'll give you a call tomorrow morning."

And this morning she actually went through with it and came with us!

We had a nice time. A little exasperating when she wouldn't buy any fish (that was the purpose) and then at the end wanted to buy some after all but only at a certain shop (of the tens that look all the same!) that we couldn't find again.

We had a great lunch of sashimi which was the highlight for Tetsu.

Look at these fish "boats" filled with raw fish! Are you up for any of that? Yes, the fish head and the shrimp heads are there (for decoration!) but quite colorful don't you think?

Tetsu's mother ended up buying bags and bags of fresh fish including a box of 20 mackerel that she planned to give away to various neighbors.

And me? Guess what I bought as a thank you gift for my friends who loaned me the wheelchair? A tuna head!!! GROSS!!! It is already cooked, eyes and all! A roasted tuna head is considered a delicacy (especially the eyes are supposed to be delicious! Don't ask me, I'm not that adventurous) and you don't just find them in the local supermarket. People were just flocking around the stall selling the tuna heads so I grabbed one for my friends.

Makes you think twice about loaning anything to Tanya, right?

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