Friday, September 18, 2009

"What" in the world?!


I swear, I am not boasting! I am rather humiliated as a matter of fact! But it is laughable so I decided to post about it.

I wrote a couple of months ago about ... shopping. Especially shopping for you know "what". I found myself in the department store again and in the you know "where" department. I found the "whats" on sale and since "whats" are expensive I looked through the rack and found what I thought was my size. And tried it on. And asked the fitter for help.

Japanese "whats" are beautiful, fit well, last a very long time and are very comfortable. And expensive. But truly ladies, Leiya and I concur that Japanese "whats" are worth their price.

I had to smile when the petite saleslady donned her soft white cotton gloves to come into the dressing room to help me. Hey, she can moonlight as a bus guide or a politician! (Bus guides and politicians always wear white gloves.) I'm assuming that the gloves are there to make the customer less uncomfortable about being touched and patted. (I don't know why the people in the other two careers need to wear gloves.) The dressing room also had double curtains so that the saleslady could slip in and out without fear of "exposure".

Ladies (I hope you are all ladies...) I am not a large person by American standards. I mean yeah, I've gained a little weight but it is distributed evenly. Certainly not enough in one place to warrent a.... But still, in Japan I have to wear extra large clothing. A few weeks ago a friend handed me a huge bag of clothing from her deceased mother's closet because I was the only person she could think of that might be able wear the size 15 clothing. I got a lot of nice clothes but still it is depressing to be thought of as that extra large foreigner.

Yesterday the saleslady tut-tutted about my choice of size for the "whats" and brought me the correct size. What comes after F? How about FLABBERGASTED! (I just noticed that FLAB in there. I suppose that describes me all around pretty well.) There were only two after Fs in the whole department so I had my choice... And yes, expensive. And yes, I suppose it looks nice. But not too many people are going to ever see it.

Goodness! I wonder what even larger ladies do in Japan! There are such people (few and far between) but it's not a question one can ask a stranger and if one asks a friend they will no longer be your friend, right?

I will try to go back to posting about quilts and animals tomorrow.

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