Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Last Happy Village

Here is the last of the Happy Villages for awhile. This is one that Eiko-san made last week when we did villages instead of English. I'll return it to her today. I hope she likes orange!

Altogether this summer my friends and students made 6 Happy Villages so here is a small exhibit (I've posted all of them before). The kids just glued the villages on felt. Mrs. Ide made a cushion. I did a knife-edge for Mrs. Okusa's. For Kaoru-san's and Eiko-san's I chose batiks.

I find the batik fabrics so nice for these villages because of all the colors that can be reflected in the borders. And this particular batik already had the peacock feathers in it so there was no question of what I was going to quilt.

So, one of this month's 6 projects is finished. The rest of the five are:

  • Quilt the Feathered Star 30 minutes a day

  • Figure out what to quilt on the adobe colored Mexican Star

  • Figure out a border AND what to quilt on the batik Mexican Star

  • Figure out a border and sew down the black bias on the Stained Glass

  • Finish the Clean the House wall hanging

Thank you for the offers of going hunting for the black bias for me. Tetsu and I went to two stores on Sunday but neither carried the bias. BUT... Mrs. Furui came through for me again and she had two rolls in her drawers that she has passed on to me so I think I can continue with this project unheeded.

Also, thank you for the many inquiries about my back. I would say I'm about 90% better! Still going to the bone setter but mostly just because they say to come not because of any pain. This was another incentive for joining the swimming center. I do NOT want a repeat of this incident!

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