Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mexican Star finished!

I have more cat stories but will save that for another day.

I finally got the border finished on my Mexican Star quilt (gosh, when did I ever find the time to go upstairs and quilt?) I played around quite a bit. Tore out parts and tried again. Marked patterns with pencils and then ignored the markings (so I've still got pencil lines) and finally declared this a quilt that needed to get done just because I had no more ideas for it! So I quilted a fancy scroll pattern that I am actually quite please with... But... It can't be seen really on this border. This was not a good choice. It should have been bigger. It should have been on a less busy fabric. This quilt could have gotten by with just quilting a few lines on the stripes. Well, it is done!!!

I've put this up on my wall (to take pictures) and will leave it there a week and then I'm sending it off to friends.

I have another Mexican Star in batiks that I did at the same time (but it doesn't look Mexican that's for sure!) but I don't have any ideas for a border yet and after all my quilting frustrations on this one I'm not sure I want to start all over again!

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