Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mood quilting

Not getting much done.

Yesterday I planned to do some machine quilting. I went upstairs with my whiteboard and pen, put the Mexican stars quilt under the needle and proceeded to make a mess of a nice quilt border. I ripped everything back out and tried again. Mess. I have no idea what I'm doing. I ripped out again. One more try. Mess. I left the whole dang quilt under the needle and came back downstairs. This morning I will do another ripping job.

I think I know part of the problem. My lack of skill is further frustrated by my mood. Yesterday I was thinking far off thoughts of the worry kind. I just could not get in jive with the sewing machine with my head spinning at a different pace.

I came downstairs and instead did some hand quilting. Hand quilting is very good mood therapy. Just quietly thinking. My mind didn't have to be on the quilting, it could go over scenarios of concern and evaluate things said and reactions made. In the end I decided that I was wasting too much mind energy by worrying.

I realize again how hand quilting soothes and gives a gift of time. You would think that machine quilting would be the time saver and that's true, but the extra time is used for extra activities. The hand quilting gave me time to learn more about myself.

I think I'm ready to go back upstairs and try machine quilting again today. Yesterday's hand quilting gave me the gift of a quieter mind and renewed energy.

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