Monday, September 14, 2009

Scenery near and far

The weather was cool and beautiful yesterday and so Tetsu and I went out for a drive. Have I mentioned that with Tetsu we NEVER get to a destination directly. There is always a lot of circling, closing in on the spot, realizing the imagined area is the wrong area, asking directions, asking directions again. If the car could talk it would say

"Make up your minds! Do you want to go north or south or north or south or what! You're giving me a headache!"

I am smarter than a car so I do not say much of anything. This is the way we travel.

In the city the fishermen were out early.

The layers upon layers of mountains were just beautiful. It reminded me of an art project in school where we would tear out a random horizontal shape and then brush light colored chalk on across it, and then slide the paper down and over a bit and color with darker chalk and do it again and again until we'd made a colorful range of mountains fading into the distance.

Tetsu and I unintentionally ended up at a farm, but farms in Japan are big tourist attractions and this weekend there were stalls set up selling ice cream and hot frothy milk, fresh caramel, fresh bread, beef brisket, croquettes etc. There seemed to be a petting area for children and a large obstacle course and playground that we wandered through and felt a bit out of place with no children to chase. We ate ice cream and talked to a cow.

Just the day before I had blog visited Sew-Create-It and just loved Jane's picture of a cow. I even pulled Tetsu over to the computer and showed it to him. I love Jane's photography. She has such talent. Anyway, I've got my own picture of a cow now! Not as beautiful as Jane's but that's not the fault of the cow!

On the way home, the old road was narrow and damp, only enough space for one car so we had to hug the mountain sides. The rock mountain has been cemented down hopefully to prevent rocks from falling into the road. And then the cement has been taken over by moss and ferns.

But you know, we don't really have to go out looking for beautiful scenery. These pictures were taken just behind my house on a walk this morning. I absolutely love the way the clouds are born between them mountains. I can just watch them frothing up between hills and trees!

The rice is ready for harvesting.

The tractors are being taken out from their shelters and roused for work.

Autumn will be beautiful!

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