Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Do you remember this post? Or this one?

It is with effort that I sit down to write a post today. I am tired. Exhausted is the better word. And I fear I am crazy and know I am not normal. Yesterday morning I was back from a walk and ready to post about this and that when Tetsu calls me to the window and says,

"Now, don't get upset... Stay calm... There's a cat in our yard. A VERY nice cat."

Don't get upset? That is like telling the waterfall to stop midstream. I completely lost it! Why am I like this? Do I want to be any other way? Yes, I hate that I end up sobbing in a corner each and every time an animal shows up at our door. No, I'm glad I have compassion for God's creatures. I just wish there weren't so many out there.

It turns out that this cat was in the yard when Tetsu came home the night before. He thought it was Chip so called to it and it happily came up to him and walked into the house. Tetsu's thinks Chip has gotten out right? He picks the cat up and vaguely notices Chip on the floor near his feet. YOU'RE not Chip! So he put the cat outside and comes upstairs looking for me and seeing that I'm not a neurotic mess (yet) does not mention the cat.

But the cat came back when he was out sweeping the patio the next morning and that's when I got alerted.

So I fell to pieces and Tetsu was late for work and we decided that we'd feed it and since it is cuddly and people friendly that we'll assume responsibility for it if it stays around this week. (Holiday for the next two days so the vet is closed now). Taking responsibility means we'll get it spayed (girl cat) but I don't think our house can adapt to another indoor cat.

Tetsu went to work but I went back to bed and slept 24 hours around. Just thinking about the possible complications makes me tired. My friendship with one neighbor is already very shaky since I would go crying to her every time a new animal appeared in my life. She bluntly told me after we picked up Toi that she didn't appreciate being brought into the animal problems that I take on myself. Tetsu and I already have arguments about how the cats are ruining the house and we live in a place where the walls and carpets are in shambles. (We don't argue that the cats do these things, we argue because I want to get the holes and scratch marks fixed and Tetsu says we chose animals so it is waste of money to try to fix things up.) People already think I'm crazy with 5 cats (and a noisy dog).

"Tanya, this is a cat I want to pick up. Not you. You picked up all the others so you can tell people it's MY idea. Now, cheer up. If it stays around you can be happy we're helping another cat, if it doesn't come back you can be happy it found someplace it wanted to go that's better."

So no pictures today. Not too perky. I haven't seen the cat yet today but the food is gone. I don't know if I want to report more on this subject or not.

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