Monday, September 07, 2009


Anyone who does not like snakes can skip this post. Maybe I should skip this post...

In my area we have a lot of snakes. I find snake skins here and there in the bushes. (I once found one that I thought was cool looking and brought it home and left it in the entry to show the kids. Tetsu about shot me! He HATES snakes!) I don't love snakes, that's for sure, but if I find one in the yard I'll hurry it along its way into the forest. I feel sorry for the ones that get hit in the road but I don't shed tears over them.

Yesterday at church the Sunday School kids (all three of them) went out to the pastor's little blueberry bush to pick blueberries. Humans rarely get to eat these blueberries because the birds find them first so the pastor has covered the whole bush with netting. When the Sunday school teacher (my friend Kaoru-san who made one of the Happy Villages last month) reached for a blueberry... what should her arm practically brush but a snake! A snake hanging from the netting! A snake caught in the netting! Boy, did Kaoru-san grab those kids fast and head back to the church!

After services the kids let us know that they had found a snake and pretty soon we were all wondering what to do about the caught snake (still alive). Tetsu will not even look at a snake skin so we all knew that he wasn't going to be of any help. One pretty young mother piped up

"I don't mind snakes. Maybe I can get it free."

So young mother went out and spent about 15 minutes setting the snake free while the rest of us stayed a safe distance from the blueberry bush.

Setting a snake free from its netting trap entailed cutting up the net bit by bit without hurting the snake. I was very relieved when the snake fell free and slithered happily away. I don't think the pastor's wife was too happy that the snake slithered right under her house though. I hope it is smart enough not to get caught in the netting again. Those blueberries are pretty tempting. However, Kaoru-san may be traumatized and not want to go blueberry picking ever again...

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