Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tape applied

I'm on the run today. All the animals (especially Choco) hate Wednesday because I am gone from 8:30 in the morning until nearly that late at night.

Not too much going on the sewing front. I am itching to get back to the stained glass quilt but it will have to wait. Hopefully tomorrow I can make a day of it. I managed to iron down all the black tape (the easy job) and now will have to sew it all down (the hard job). I printed out the name of our church onto fabric in case no one recognizes which church I was trying to make! The border is colorful isn't it. I figured a stained glass quilt needed a bit more color than the subdued greys and greens and whites. I hope I haven't overdone it.

I had to call my friend Noriko-san again to find out the next step. She usually sews down the tape and quilts at the same time but I tried a small portion and with all the turning of the quilt and the scrunching it under the machine arm my bias tape was coming off! NO!!!! So I took out the minimum of stitching that I'd done, removed the backing and the batting and will try it again just focusing on sewing down the tape. That means an extra job of quilting but hopefully the tape will stay put until it all gets sewn down. This is called a learning as you go process.

Off I go now to the kindergarten!

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