Monday, October 05, 2009

Animals past

The computer is still working. I don't know why. Thank you for the advice. Quilting Library Lady gave explicit instructions for restoring a computer and I have written those down in a notebook for future use. (I hope never!)

Tetsu and I are still working out a solution to our unexpected cat visitor/family member. Poor thing still doesn't have a name. It is living in the Japanese room, i.e. the room I use for teaching neighborhood children. The other cats are being kept at bay by either keeping them out of this room or putting the new kitty in a cage.

When I was a child we had a lot of animals in our house. My father loved animals and he brought home a few dogs without even consulting my mother about it. I remember he brought home a black Great Dane pup one time and my mother burst into tears! Not that she didn't like animals, just that this one was going to get SO big!

We started out with cats and had one or two for the rest of the time I lived at home. A beagle came into our home when I as still in elementary school and she had puppies. We kept one of the puppies and then numerous other dogs were introduced to our family (by my father.) Boxers. Great Dane. Siberian Husky.

At one point one of the boxers went slightly neurotic and started attacking the other two male dogs (boxer and husky) so that dog mostly lived in a bedroom with me. The husky had a kennel and the other boxer had the run of the house and yard along with the beagle who was fat and old. Three or four times a day someone would call out,

"I'm letting Genghis Khan out!"

(Yes that was one of the dog's names!) or one of the other dogs, and The Changing of the Dogs would begin. One dog shuffled here, another put in a kennel there. The system worked very well and each dog got to spend time in the yard. It worked well with family members but occasionally an unexpecting visitor would open the wrong door and then a battle would begin with snarling, biting, humans yelling and pulling etc. I got bit once when trying to separate dogs and we learned to keep leashes on them to pull them apart more easily without endangering ourselves.

(Me in 1977... Oh my. Where have I gone?)

Nowadays I sort of feel like I'm reenacting my childhood animal experiences with these cats. That cat goes in the bathroom to be fed because he eats special food. This cat can't get along with any of the others so it lives in this room. That cat isn't supposed to be in contact with anyone else. Well, it is easier than trying to keep 4 dogs separated. No biting. No danger to humans. A little confusing. Slowly developing a system...

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