Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn quilts

I'm taking the easy way out this morning and posting pictures of some of the quilts that are up on my walls. I've posted all of these before... last year or the year before. I can't remember.

Here is a stained glass quilt, pattern sent to me by my friend Noriko-san who specializes in this type of patchwork. I think she sent me the hand dyed fabrics too. Noriko-san's work is all done by machine but when I did this I couldn't figure out how to machine applique it so I did it all by hand. (I've since figured it out.) This quilt goes up in the autumn in my house.

And here is a small Halloween quilt (the only one I have!) This pattern was also sent to me by Noriko-san when she was first starting out paper piecing. Paper piecing hadn't hit Japan yet and Noriko-san figured it out by looking at books. She came and gave me a mini-lesson and I understood the theory and the process WHILE SHE WAS HERE! After she went home I couldn't remember anything and try as I might I could not get the fabric to go in the right direction or the pieces I sewed on turned out too short or something. It got to the point that the paper I was working on had been sewn and re sewn so many times that it was shredding beneath my fingers so I did this whole dang thing by making templates (before the pattern disintegrated before my eyes) and then hand piecing. HAND PIECING THOSE MINUSCULE PIECES! I was so glad when I finished this. I had visions of throwing the whole thing in the garbage can!

I have since learned to paper piece properly.

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