Saturday, October 17, 2009

Binding the quilt

Thursday I made it to my patchwork group gathering (I'd forgotten two weeks ago) and together we put the finishing touches on the bazaar quilt. Mrs. Furui and I had sewn the binding to the quilt a la Sharon Schambler style (using glue!) and that meant that we all could sit around the quilt and hand sew the binding down. The job was finished in a snap.

I love the way we are all peering down at our work. Makes me feel like I really belong to a quilting bee!

And don't you like the way I am such a pro at peering over my glasses like the little ol' lady I am?

Bazaar quilt finished!

I would like to formally introduce the core of our quilt group.

Clockwise. Me on the far left. Mrs. Ochiai, she's the computer and electronics whiz (and is always willing to start a new project with me. It takes her a little time to finish some of them...) Sensitive and sweet Mrs. Harada, who used to be Mrs. Furui's neighbor but moved away and now drives 4 hours one way to join us monthly. Mrs. Furui, the brain behind all our creativity and the hostess by default since she has the largest, most central house. You know her by her intricate handwork. And Mrs. Yamaguchi, who grows younger each year. She started her patchwork career when she lived a few years in the States and willingly takes on extra patchwork homework.

We are already working on NEXT year's bazaar quilt! What an industrious bunch of quilters. (By the way, on our quilt label we call ourselves the Crazy Lady Quilters group.)

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