Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog therapy?

Well, here's an open question to blog friends. What do you think about blogging?

Yesterday I was talking to some friends about blogging. A couple of the ladies enjoy reading blogs on a daily basis. Another lady keeps a blog of her own but doesn't give comment access. And you all know how I do it.

Actually we were talking about moods and the ups and downs of life and one friend mentioned feeling melancholy maybe because she is a "certain age". She asked for advice on how to pass through this stage. And another friend suggested blogging, saying the process of writing your thoughts down, putting them in order, going back and re-reading, all that gives insight and helps untangle a jumble of emotions.

That's an interesting idea. It's true that I have thought of journaling in that way and I suppose blogging is similar but I'm not sure I blog because I want to know myself any better...

I was a little annoyed a few days ago when watching an interview with a well-known Hollywood actress and she was asked if she kept a blog.

"No. I don't have those kinds of problems. Why would I want to make my private life public and get therapy from a bunch of strangers? I prefer to pay for professional therapy."

It made me feel like she thought bloggers were people with a bundle of psychological problems who were too cheap to get help elsewhere! Well! I may be cheap but I didn't realize I was doing public therapy!

Do you prefer keeping a blog or blog reading? Is the comment aspect important? Without blogging would we be any less "put together?"

I guess for me blogging is a way of exchanging information and ideas. It is a way to make friendships but to be honest, I really like to see WHO is commenting (you know that little profile picture) because my brain connects better with who I have heard from before and with their blog etc. I know there are many of you who don't post pictures of yourself but I sometimes get confused. I like writing my blog the most (that seems so self centered) and I enjoy reading blogs too but get weighed down with commenting sometimes. On the other hand, I like receiving comments because it feels a little like walking down to the mailbox and finding a letter inside (and THAT rarely happens anymore!!!) so I do put in effort to comment and answer comments. I often relate blog stories and blog comments to Tetsu and we talk about differences in thinking, culture, and experience. Blogging feels like an open window and I look forward to finding jewels of wisdom and creativity through other bloggers and blog readers.

And how about you?

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