Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold weather and an introduction

The weather is beautiful today but it is cold.

Yesterday I spent ALL DAY cleaning the upstairs even getting to closets and drawers. It is so easy to let a normally unused room turn into a storage area so I dumped lots of stuff. Old textbooks. Bags of stuff and fluff that I was thinking I'd make into another cat cushion. I won't. The fluff and stuff just gravitates to one side or another in the cushion and is impossible to wash. Sorry. My good intentions of saving crumbs and thread ends and batting scraps has ended. I save too much other stuff and the closets are overflowing. It feels good to have rooms looking nice. I wish I'd learn and keep it that way.

I even brought down the small kerosene heater so you know we are really getting into cold weather. And I bought some long underwear (we call them "baba shirts", "granny shirts") because I am still a Southern California girl and do not like cold weather.

Tetsu has named the kitty. It has become "Mi" which is a pretty normal name for a cat in Japan.

Tetsu thinks our other cats' names are too fancy. Cleo, Patora, Velvet, Chip, Toi. Well, Toi is Japanese of sorts but Tetsu thinks of this kitty as pure Japanese so it is Mi (pronounced me).

"Nice to meet you."

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