Sunday, October 04, 2009

Computer working... sort of

Well, I have sent out a plea for help to my son. Let's see if that scares the computer enough into just trying to work with me.

I have no idea what I did wrong. I may have changed something when I updated Adobe. (They told me to!) And when the computer started freezing I figured something was battling whatever I'd updated so it made sense to try and undo whatever I did. But I don't know what I did. So I uninstalled Adobe. Is that going to make more problems for me? The computer was still freezing so I restarted. Froze before we got to the desktop. Did it all again. Got as far as the desktop but not back to the control panel. I've forced this computer at least ten times now and it gets slower and slower.

I gave up and went to church. I came home and the same routine so I called my computer whiz friend Mrs. Ochiai who actually doesn't like to work with my computer because it is all in English. She suggested RECOVERY, that ominous word. But also suggested I call customer support. I wrote down the telephone number that she looked up on her computer. I've been tearing my hair out since 8:00 this morning. (4 hours off for church and lunch out with Tetsu. Thanks Callie!) I've restarted this thing again and am trying to save picture files in case I have to go the RECOVERY route.

Gosh if the computer goes I can't get e-mail. I can't do chat. My world sort of shuts down. It's amazing how dependent one can get!

Miracle of miracles this computer hasn't frozen in the last 10 minutes. I'm posting while I've got my chance. No pictures!

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