Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm doing a very little sewing. Well, I'm doing back stitch embroidery which is taking up a lot of time but it is relaxing and enjoyable.

These are a couple blocks from the Hugs and Kisses pattern that Lorraine sent my quilting group earlier this year. Over the months we've colored in the design and sealed the colors in and now we are working on the embroidery part. The stitching around the design really adds a lot to the blocks and they are beginning to shine! (Oops. I see I missed a part.) I think we still have 8 to go or something but since this is for NEXT year's quilt I guess we are ahead of schedule.

The days are getting cold and the cats congregate in front of the heater and on my lap. Here is a rare picture of Velvet joining part of the group. (Let's see... Four cats there. Mi is in her cat enclosure. Where is Cleo?) Vel rarely can stand to be in the same room with Toi and Patora (he tolerates Chip and Cleo) but he must have been unusually cold or lonely yesterday to stay with the rest of the gang.

Don't I look grubby embroidering away surrounded by cats? Vel does not make for a sturdy sewing table. I hope my stitches are straight.

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