Saturday, October 03, 2009


Well, I've either got a lot on my mind or age is setting in.

On Thursday I blogged about my busy schedule and trying to keep track of everything. I mentioned that I am a little scatterbrained... After posting I went off to the store to buy cat sand and check out other animal things. I spent most of the afternoon out and around and came back just in time to answer the phone.

"Tanya? This is Noriko... How ARE you? Here's Mrs. Furui."

"Tanya? We heard about your cat situation. Are you okay? "

Oh NO! Here I am blogging about remembering my schedule and I had completely forgotten that we'd planned a quilt group gathering! THAT'S BAD!!!

My friends were worried that I was in the depths of depression and hiding out under the bed or something. They know me well. I guess I'm past that point but I have had my mind on this cat. Which is worse, to be upset about a cat or to be losing my memory to age?

I'm running low on pictures lately. Sorry about that. I was over at the church this morning cleaning it with Tetsu and he took a picture of me in front of the stained glass quilt. I gave it to the pastor last week and my friend Kaoru-san put a sleeve on it (for all I knew it might have ended up in a closet. I don't want to be too presumptuous.) So now it is up on the wall in the church.

This afternoon I need to go to Mrs. Furui's and apologize for missing our meeting and then pick up the bazaar quilt to add a few more stitches of my own to the quilting. Bazaar is at the end of this month!

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