Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mrs. Furui's baby quilt

Yesterday I spent some time at Mrs. Furui's house and together we put the binding on the bazaar quilt. Mrs. Furui's sewing machine is broken and I wanted to leave the quilt at her house anyway so that the other ladies can sew down the binding on Thursday (I will be late), so I took my sewing machine and walking foot with me.

With nothing new to show of the bazaar quilt, here is another beautiful quilt that Mrs. Furui has been making, this time for her sister who wanted to make this for someone else but ran into some health issues so Mrs. Furui has made the whole thing. Isn't this a gorgeous baby quilt? And again, doesn't Mrs. Furui do fantastic hand quilting? This is still in the making and a lovely quilted pattern will be added to the border this week.

This fabric is from Hobbyra Hobbyre which I think is a Japanese brand. They seem to specialize in pink florals and the fabric is lovely but very expensive. Mrs. Furui and I were looking over one of their catalogs and she noticed that for a baby quilt kit, the material costs were about $150. And if you wanted to order a finished quilt from them they were asking $1300! For a baby quilt! That seems like a lot but if it is all hand done and you figure in all the time I guess that's what it comes to. I can't think of anyone who would spend that amount of money... For an antique quilt... maybe. But for a baby gift? Hmmm.

Well, I hope Mrs. Furui's sister will take her out to lunch in exchange for making this beautiful heirloom!

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