Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My carpenter

My personal carpenter has been hard at work again. And now we have a kitty enclosure!

Tetsu worked hard all day Saturday and part of Sunday and designed his own kitty enclosure. Tetsu is very proud of himself!

Oh, isn't he wonderful?! All this and remember, Tetsu is a wonky carpenter. All he uses is a hammer, a rusty handsaw and whatever that thing is called that shaves wood a bit. He has no measures, no levels, no strings or weights or ladders. Just plain ol' man power and a good eye. If something doesn't fit he cuts it off. If he wants to add something he hammers it on. If he doesn't like it he whacks it back off again.

The kitty enclosure is off the window from the Japanese room. Tetsu has put in a sliding door that opens onto the yard and an area for the cat box and shelves for cat things. The cage can go into the enclosure from the Japanese room and can be slid back into the house at night. Tetsu hopes to put a couple cat shelves in there next weekend so that the cat can sit up higher and look out on the world.

Right now this is where the new kitty will live during the day unless it is super cold, and at night she can come cage and all back in the house. If she finds another home then the other cats can use this someday as a play area I suppose.

Anyway, Tetsu did a wonderful job, he is proud of himself and the cats are happy.

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