Saturday, October 31, 2009

Persimmon bread again

Yesterday I had a bunch of persimmons sitting on the counter getting soft so I quickly made up a batch of persimmon bread.

I checked. I posted about persimmon bread last year so if you want the recipe look here. It is one of the old standbys for autumn and one of Tetsu's favorite desserts. I need to go to the wholesale store and buy some more walnuts. I had to use almonds instead which was just as tasty but chopped almonds gave it a different texture.

My wholesale store is very strange. I think they cater to restaurants and bakeries. The people in the office have zero customer service awareness. Years ago someone had told me that there was a wholesale "store" for baking goods and I went past it a few times before I figured out that this was the place. Just an old warehouse with an old linoleum floor and metal doors leading to an office. The office had a few ladies peering over their computers but hardly anyone even looked up when I first went in. Nothing that makes this place look like they are selling anything. I asked if this was the place that sold walnuts and one lady sighed and started to go into the warehouse part of the building.

"Wait! Do you sell raisins? Chocolate chips? Almonds? Butter? What all do you sell?"

I figured out that they sold all that stuff but no price list etc. Just say what you want and someone will go into the back and bring out a bag. You have to buy by the kilo and they aren't going ask for any extra information like do I want chopped almonds or sliced almonds etc.

Lady you asked for almonds so here you are. If you wanted sliced almonds you should have said so. That's a different bag. (But I didn't know you had sliced almonds too...)

I one time got up enough courage to ask if I could go back into their warehouse.

Suit yourself. Close the door on the way out.

My exploring showed they sell cake pans and cookie cutters too and peaches by the gallon and canned bamboo shoots. I don't know what one would do with bamboo shoots in a baking place.

I'll make a stop this week again and brace myself for a big bill. (I make a lot of granola and go through a lot of nuts, coconut, and raisins.)

As soon as my bananas get mushy I'm going to make Nancy's Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze. Yum sounds good. I wish Tetsu would stop eating all my bananas.

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