Thursday, October 01, 2009


Gad zooks! I feel like a chicken with her head off. (Sorry Callie.)

Yesterday I was running around in circles trying to keep up with the day's schedule. Wednesday's are really loaded and I leave the house about 8:30 and don't get back until nearly 8:00. That's not so bad if it were just me in the house but with a dog that is unhappy and maybe barking and a new cat who is locked up in a cage, my mind was on getting everything done and GETTING HOME!

I know perfectly well that I do it to myself. If I just didn't allow any more things into my Wednesday schedule then I might stay afloat but someone calls and says they HAVE TO see me on Wednesday and then I say "hmmm, well maybe... between 5:30 and 5:55." and say a silent "gomen nasai (sorry)" to my animals that I will be even later...

I taught 4 classes at the kindergarten... already getting ready for the Christmas program. I went to a college girl's house for an hour (I've been teaching her off and on from kindergarten!). I saw two friends and did English (chatting and tea) for a couple hours. I went to a home and taught 4 second graders. I made my way to the meeting to discuss how to do a one time Halloween program and then I even squeezed in 30 minutes of pool walking and a quick bath. (So I'm not completely selfless. "Animals, you will have to wait while I get in MY exercise time!)

And no one was really any the worse for not having their needs met immediately.

I don't think I'd make it as a businessman. I have trouble transporting all the things I need for all the classes and meetings. I'm pretty scatterbrained.

Last week I bought a really neat schedule book and calendar for 2010 and customized it with some of my batik fabric. Some years I do pretty well keeping track of my schedule with this little book. Some years it gets lost in the bottom of my purse. Obviously on Wednesdays I NEED to get everything down in black and white so I don't leave anything out!

(And maybe I'd better schedule my quilting goals too.)

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