Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays (sort of)

Wordless Wednesdays.

Well, not completely. I can barely let a day go by with out rambling about something.

I did two more machine quilting patterns from Leah Day's 365 project. I'm not happy with either unfortunately.

The blue one is called Spirals (obviously) but I had trouble keeping my spirals even and I got lost a couple of times so the angles are cut off.

The gray one, called Pebbles in a Stream, I really like the texture (and the colors). I think this could make a wonderful fill in for a small quilt but I definitely need to make this larger! What I was thinking when I made this so small! Pebbles? Those aren't pebbles in there, those are grains of sand! I don't know what it is about machine quilting that makes me get smaller and smaller until my fingers are doing all the work rather than my arms and wrists.

Gotta go!

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