Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bara-bara knitting

Possible answers to yesterday's Japanese test were;

"Tetsu said Choco will have to be cold this winter because she bara-bara-ed her dog bed."

"Tanya's knitting is now bara-bara because Mi managed to drag it into the cat cage."

"During the night, Mi found the dog food and it was bara-bara all over the floor."

Lori and Scottish Lass get A+ for their test scores! Scottish Lass even answered in Japanese!!!

The knitting in the one picture is an attempt at understanding English knitting directions. Usually I use Japanese knitting books which are a lot easier to understand (because they are written with graphs rather than abbreviations and marks.) I had found bag of new cotton yarn at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago and I decided to play around and make something for myself. Of course coming upon the half-knitted vest inside Mi's cat cage with most of it off the needles and unravelled, did nothing for my progress. This is going in a basket (far away from Mi) and I will start on Tetsu's vest because the ordered yarn came in yesterday.

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