Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blog archives!

My computer has been quiet lately. No freezing. No blog disappearing. I seem to have lost anonymous comments coming into my e-mail box but basically things have calmed down a bit.

While things are good I've been working on another blog book at Blurb's Booksmart but I'm afraid I post more than I edit so I am falling far behind with no catching up in sight. I should just go away on a blogging retreat and spend a week making a couple blog books.

Callie was busily trying to figure out good ways to save our blogs and she came up with a couple websites but so far I like Blurb the best. Besides I can't understand any instructions on how to save blogs (from the websites or from Callie) so I'm sticking with what I know. Thank you anyway Callie.

However, Computer Whiz, Mrs. Ochiai, took pity on me and downloaded all my blog archives and made me a DVD of past blog posts. She has explained the process to me too but I'm afraid I don't understand her any more than I understand websites so I'm still in the dark about how this is done. SUPPOSEDLY I can finish a month of posts, click on that month's blog archive, right click and SAVE ALL on my desktop and then add them to this DVD at regular intervals.

I have yet to see HOW the actual process is done and haven't tried it myself but thanks to Mrs. Ochiai I have my blog history from October 2006 to October 2009 on a disk! And a copy to boot! And look at those cool CD labels!!!

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