Monday, November 23, 2009

Early Thanksgiving

This weekend about 20 0f us got together at Marlene's house for Thanksgiving. Marlene and Kohei (who is now living in Hong Kong and couldn't join us) have had Thanksgiving in their home every year for the past 20 years and invite friends with American connections. Their house is the only place that has an oven large enough to roast a turkey so every year Marlene gets stuck with the turkey roasting job. From April Marlene will be joining her husband so a couple of the wives at the party were taking notes in case the turkey job falls to them next year. I don't how that's going to be possible unless one of us moves into Marlene's house. Japanese ovens only hold 12 cookies at a time...

Lots of good food brought in pot luck style. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows (Tetsu's favorite!) stuffing and mashed potatoes, numerous salads, green bean casserole (did you know Japanese wives have never seen a casserole) gingerbread, and pumpkin and rhubarb pies. All pretty normal stuff for Americans but my Japanese friends find it very interesting. One husband who had been back to the States recently was clever enough to remember to buy large Thanksgiving paper plates and decorations and someone else discovered that Costco has come to Japan and made the long trek to it to buy cranberry jelly and black olives. All so good and I was reminded again how thankful I am to have friends who are from similar backgrounds with all of us living in Japan.

I will miss Marlene when she goes to Hong Kong and not just because she can roast a turkey. She has been a special friend for the past 20 years and together we have raised our Japanese/American families, giving and receiving support and advice from each other. Marlene has been a huge influence in my life. Thank you Marlene and much love.

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