Friday, November 06, 2009

Fall? Winter?

Winter is approaching. Tetsu and I got out our down jackets this week and I am back to wearing layers upon layers. In the mornings we wake up to LEAVES! Living next to a forest has some disadvantages (but not many! I love my forest!)

Tetsu complains about all the leaf raking that he has to do but I point out that he doesn't really have to do it since I don't mind the leaves. And then in the next breath he is saying what a small fulfillment it is to clear an area of the leaves in a short period of time. Our yard is tiny so he goes on to clear the road too and does a very good job! Doesn't he look happy?

And here is the cleared driveway. In a few hours it is covered with leaves again.

The cats are keeping warm by making a cat ball. Four cats. Vel will get a heating pad pretty soon and I've already started giving Mi a hot water bottle. (I pamper my cats. It's not really that cold yet.)

Mi is very noisy and trills like a bird all the time and wants to be with the rest of the family. Since she has to be watched closely when with the other cats she lives basically alone. And my! What a racket she puts up on the other side of the door... I keep reminding myself that we are looking after her health, have resolved the unwanted kitten problem, give her food and warmth and love. Too bad if she thinks she deserves company all the time too...

IGADS! Is that paper piecing? (Did you know that IGADS stands for "I've Got All Day Syndrome"?) ...meaning I start something and the whole day is gone with not much to show for it. Yes, I wanted to make a certain wall hanging for my friend (Mrs. N. ...Shhh....) so I pulled out an old pattern and have been struggling away. I hope to get that done this week...

And I bought yarn! So Tetsu's vest will be next on the docket.

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