Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Well we are finished here in Japan. This year I got dressed up as a witch for the kindergarten and the nursery school and was asked to come to a preschool (babies!) event too. My outfit gets used everyday for a week and now it goes back in the box until next year... This is a picture from 2004. My outfit doesn't change... only me...

And yesterday was the kindergarten bazaar which I didn't attend after all. There were two quilts this year, one that our group made and one that the kindergarten mothers made (which I never saw in person.) Mrs. Furui sent pictures to me last night of the raffle in progress and the winners.

And the winner of the Crazy Lady Quilter quilt (my group's) was one of the former kindergarten teachers!!! Yeah! Ai-sensei's son is now going to the kindergarten so she is really one of the kindergarten mothers but we all know her as Ai-sensei (teacher). It is so nice when someone everyone knows wins the raffle quilt. What fun!

This morning we brought Mi into the living room with the rest of the cats and paid close attention to their introductions. Mi doesn't seem to mind the other kitties in the least. The other cats were interested but they've seen Mi through the cat cage and in the cat enclosure so no spitting and growling. I guess if Mi is willing to stay on my lap while she is in the living room she can join us occasionally. Such a good natured kitty. I'm sure she would be a great cuddler if we could let her have contact with the other cats...

I need to go to a yarn store and get started on Tetsu's Christmas present. I haven't found a great pattern yet though I've been visiting Ravelry, a knit and crochet site. I'd better get a move on. Only two months to get something done!

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