Monday, November 16, 2009

Mini-Round Robin

Last Thursday I met with my patchwork friends and we got back on track with our various projects. One group endeavor which hasn't been working out so well is our Mini-Round Robin.

This is my fault because I saw some wonderful results of a Mini-Round Robin on someone's blog last year and thought that this would be a fun "game" for the ladies in our group to do. There were eight of us and Mrs. Furui and I worked out the instructions for a Mini-Round Robin. And then we started with a schedule. But we didn't give any specifics for telling people

"I would like to have a quilt that depicts spring." or

"I really love stars." or

"Make mine in orange and yellows."

No theme and so our Round Robin goes on haphazardly...

"What on earth is the continuity between this black square and the Victorian florals?"

We also made a vague schedule of passing the blocks every month OR SO. Or so is right! Life interferes (and that is completely understandable) so whenever our group DOES get together we spend some time trying to figure out where blocks have gone.

"Does so-and-so still have a block?"

"How many blocks does so-and-so HAVE?"

Yes, sometimes 4 blocks get passed at a time (and remember there are only eight of us.)

This month I've got a block again (haven't seen a block since May!) and I get to do applique on it. I have spent three days looking at it and there doesn't seem to be ANYTHING that is holding this quilt together! I'm thinking about leaves (so many of them littering the streets these days) and have started cutting out scraps. Applique tends to take claim to the whole quilt so I feel like whatever I decide upon is going to make or break this quilt...

After my post about next year's bazaar BOM quilt and now the Mini-Round Robin, do any of you question my patchwork group's organizing abilities? I'm probably not going to do a Round Robin again for a long time...

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