Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mrs. Nakazawa

This weekend my friend Mrs. Nakazawa (she made Mi the bara-bara cat box) took some of her friends out to lunch. We met in the city and then Mrs. Nakazawa drove us out to a far off town and a farther off, very fancy French restaurant! So classy and so much fun to spend the day with friends.

Mrs. Nakazawa is amazing! She talks a mile a minute and smiles constantly. She seems to do everything and has more energy than anyone I know. She takes food to shut-ins (because she's used to cooking for her family anyway). She learned to use the computer so that she could be a sometimes secretary to a sight-challenged friend. She is active in her church. On Saturday she had boxes of ingredients lined up on her table to use in her baking marathon for the YMCA bazaar this week (she was planning on making nearly 30 loaves of banana, persimmon and fruit bread). And of course she takes care of cats and cat lovers like me.

I'm afraid the French restaurant was so elegant and the food was so posh that I didn't think it appropriate to bring out my camera and take pictures at every dish served but I did get a picture of the four of us as we were leaving.

The occasion was a farewell luncheon for Marlene who will be joining her husband in Hong Kong next year, and all four of us are connected through YMCA (where Tetsu used to work) but Marlene and I have a 20 year long friendship, Rumi-san and I meet a couple times a month for English, and Mrs. Nakazawa and I have our cat loving connections.

After a lovely lunch and much conversation, we all headed back to the city where Mrs. Nakazawa presented each of us with some wonderful tea cups made by an artist friend. Look carefully. Can you see the tiny kitties painted on the cups? Such a special, loving, generous friend I have.

Mrs. Nakazawa is taking care of her ailing 18 year old kitty this week. Thank you Mrs. Nakazawa, and much love to you and to Mick.

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