Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paper piecing finished

Yesterday I presented my paper piecing quilt to Mrs. Nakazawa to thank her for all she's done for me. So now I can show what all those little paper pieces were about that were strewn around the sewing room last week.

This is a pattern I found on Paper Panache a few years ago and I just had to purchase it! I quickly made up one quilt (it is quite small) for myself and have it up on my wall. This can also be made with a small dog sitting in the chair rather than the kitty but this was a better representation of my sitting corner. There is always a cat in my sewing/watching TV chair.

For Mrs. Nakazawa I made an little orange cat in honor of her Mick even though Mick prefers sitting on the TV rather than in the arm chair... Anyway, I wanted to hurry and get this done for them.

My choice of background quilting wasn't so great because as usual I'm not too confident of my quilting skills but anyway I machine quilted hearts all over the background. I'm rather pleased with the border quilting and wish I had done it in a color thread that would have stood out more but that's the way it is with quilting. Afraid I'll make a mess of something so use a color that will hide mistakes and when the quilting does come out nicely then wish it was more visible. Ah well... This was a design of my own and I played around on the white board awhile before attempting the border. Can you even see what I was trying for? Paw prints! If I ever make this quilt again I'll be bolder in my thread choice for this pattern... it's kind of cute.

So my paper piecing is done for awhile. On to other things!

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