Saturday, November 07, 2009

Utsunomiya by night

More night pictures. Tetsu took me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant a couple of nights ago just because... I guess there wasn't an occasion. He just thought I'd like to see the night sights of the city. I suggested we go look at the sights and then go eat our usual noodles but he insisted on a fancy dinner. Wow! And it's not even my birthday or an anniversary or anything!

And this was the fancy dinner, scrumptious morsels Japanese style. Mmm so good! And this is the scenery from the restaurant. The restaurant is at the top of the 15 floor prefecture building that was unveiled last year and though I drive by the new building fairly often I'd never been to the top. It was fun to walk around the whole floor and try to locate landmarks that we frequent.

Utsunomiya (the city next to our Nikko) is not very big but it looks pretty metropolitan by night.

My friend Mrs. Komatsu sent me a picture of the shawl that she made. And she made it from the directions on my blog!! Wow! Does that make me feel good! When I posted I thought

"What a lot of rigamarole to take all these pictures and draw out all the directions when no one will ever really make this."

(But I was also writing it all down so that someday I can come back and have the directions at hand... in case I misplace my paper copy... which I often do). And then I was in such a hurry that I didn't even have time to check and see if the instructions were correct. Mrs. Komatsu called to say that she'd seen my blog and all the pictures and then downloaded it all and enlarged the pictures and made it all by herself!! That really makes me feel good!

Beautiful shawl, Mrs. Komatsu and I love the fringe and the scallops you added!!!

This is going to be a quicky post because I'm having guests today!!! Special guests! Friends I haven't seen in nearly 25 years! My college roommate and her husband and daughter are coming up to Nikko today so we are getting together to have a chatathon. I need to get my sewing room cleaned up (they want to see some of my quilts!), clean out the car etc. etc. I'd better go check and make sure the camera battery is recharged too!

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