Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

Not too much going on this weekend. How about a cat picture.

I took this picture on Tuesday before my morning English class. Thankfully the four ladies who come are all cat lovers and whenever they come to English they reach into the shoe closet for the Tupperware full of cat treats. The cats know they are getting the treats and they seem to know when Tuesday morning rolls around. Patora, Cleo and Toi loiter in the entryway (Chip was down on the mat) for 10 minutes or so waiting for the ladies to arrive.

The cats have clairvoyance or maybe they just read the signs and sounds better than we think. The vacuum cleaner and the coffee maker being put to work must register in their minds "Tuesday English".

The Christmas decorations are slowly getting put out. I've taken down the quilt behind the cats in that picture and now have Santa Claus up there instead. Every year I look at Santa Claus and think I should make a red quilt of Mrs. Santa Claus (since there are Mr. and Mrs. Santa up there in crewel work) but of course I never get around to it before Christmas and get out of the mood after the holidays.

Hope you are all getting your Christmas errands done!

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