Sunday, December 06, 2009

Houses of prayer

I was sort of on the run yesterday all day... Saturday but I spent time in two churches.

In the morning Tetsu and I went to our neighborhood church to help wax the floors. (We did our own floors last weekend, so we should be pros.) It is a tiny church but it sure took a long time to do the waxing! Push all the benches to the back. Wax once. Wait 45 minutes. (I hate to say this but Tetsu was too liberal with the wax and it wouldn't dry!) Wax again. Wait another 45 minutes. Push all the benches to the front and do the same thing again. And finally wax the hallway, upstairs and kitchen. I left at 11:00. Tetsu and the others waxed until 3:00.

From our little Protestant church I went to the large Catholic church in the next town over to attend a charity concert that Marlene was giving. That is a beautiful church made of stone and the altar is so striking.

I couldn't help looking at the pillars and thinking of doing some Celtic quilting again. (My mind wanders.) Isn't it interesting the differences in God's houses?

I finished making Yumetaro-san's prayer quilt and here it is ready for Tetsu and me to tie prayers into it. I guess Mi is helping. She sure became a quilter's kitty quickly. She sees a quilt and claims it for her own territory. I will deliver this to Yumetaro later today.

Off to do more praying this Sunday morning!

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