Friday, December 11, 2009



It is not even Christmas yet and I have already received my Christmas present. Actually, Tetsu asked me weeks ago (before the car situation) what I would like for Christmas. And I said...


"You WANT something! That is the first time you have ever hesitated and not just told me 'nothing'! What do you want?"

Well, Tetsu had asked me a while back if I had ever heard of the Condor. It took me a long time to figure out he was talking about a KINDLE (Japanese pronunciation of R and L you know) and I said yes, I'd heard of it (because I had read Mary's blog and I do get notices from Amazon).

So when Tetsu asked what I wanted, that sort of floated in my head.

A Kindle (which is a digital book) would be a great way to get English books that are hard for me to purchase. Of course it is not as hard as it was 30 years ago when I'd have to send a letter to my mother and ask her to go buy me a book and have her send it which would take three weeks. We've come a long way, baby! and now I can order books online very easily. Occasionally Amazon Japan will tell me they can't get the book and then I go to Amazon. com and order from there. Ordering from America takes a week and the shipping costs are higher (Amazon Japan will ship free) but of course Amazon Japan English books cost more.

And of course when I'm in the States I usually load up on used books at a dollar a piece but recently I've had to pay overweight fees on my luggage (some of that is fabric related...) so maybe I'm not really saving money buying used books.

What I'm saying is that I'm trying to justify buying a Kindle.

Tetsu determined that HE didn't know how one buys a Kindle online but since I do, he forced me (willingly) to order one right away so that it would arrive in time for Christmas. According to his information Kindles are so popular that it might not arrive until late January.

SO... I ordered a Kindle!!!! And it arrived from the States in 4 days.... And I left it in the box for two days thinking I'd wait until Christmas. But I was again forced (willingly) to open the box because Tetsu wanted to see what a Kindle was and how it worked.

Yesterday morning I opened my Kindle box. OOooohh! So COOL! Very sleek, very professional looking! And I played around awhile and then pushed the right button and ordered a book that Nancy had written about on her blog a few months ago. And then I went off to a hamburger shop with Kindle in hand and spent about an hour reading!!!

You can tell I'm going to get less than usual done this season. And I was already behind! Does anybody want to recommend a book?

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