Monday, December 14, 2009

Natural decorations

I thought it so funny this morning to read comments from yesterday's post and find someone anonymous had written.

"There is a spiderweb in the corner of your room?"

WHAT? Well actually, I thought that there was a good chance that there was one and when I went back to the picture and enlarged it, yep, that's what it looked like. And when I went to the entryway I couldn't really find it. But as the light changed this morning and when I went back out the front door, sure enough, there was the spiderweb! Someone sure has good eyes!

Well, yes, I get quite a few spiderwebs in my house. They are a little discouraging but not as frustrating as stinkbugs or even cats who urp up on my my floors! Usually I let the spider back outside and sweep away the web. I still remember Charlotte's Web and so don't really find spiders and their webs that offensive. I was actually pleased to get the comment because that meant I had a reason to show a picture I took at the kindergarten this week.

On Wednesday I went to the kindergarten and noticed that the teachers had put up a ladder near one of the doors so that the kids could climb up and look at the spiderwebs. Now that's what I call really appreciating nature! I had walked under this doorway numerous times in the past months and never realized that the kindergarten is "raising spiders". I don't think this is by choice. I think the kindergarten is just allowing the 8 legged weavers to take up residence and are using them as a chance to teach a little science. I'm not going to go so far in my appreciation of nature.

And so that you don't think that the kindergarten's decorations are just spiderwebs, here on the other side of the door was the kindergarten art project for this Christmas. Aren't these wonderful Christmas trees! I think these are made by having the kids loosely wrap colorful felt around a cone and then decorating with pine cones, berries, beads and dried flowers.

And notice those neat "stars" on the top? Those were made by one of the kindergarten mothers and she was selling them at the kindergarten bazaar. The principal was so enthralled by them that she bought the whole box of them and now they've been put to use as Christmas stars! These are made from some seed pod (but I don't know which one) and the mother wrapped tiny squares of fabric and glued them into the natural pod holes. Isn't that an amazing result?

I'll probably remove my spiderweb later on today. Or then again maybe leave it for my cats to enjoy though unlike some blog visitors, they haven't noticed it yet.

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