Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quilting in 2009

Japan is already into the last 16 hours of the year. Still a lot of last minute things to be done.

I have been thinking that my life as a quilter was a little slow this year. What did I make? What new techniques did I try? What quilts were made for others? WHAT DID I DO ALL YEAR?!

I pulled pictures from my files of most of the quilts that were completed this year and I find that I got a lot more done that I had thought. Well, that feels good! So here is a collage of 2009 patchwork and quilting. Granted some of those quilts (the big ones!) were started a couple of years ago... but they got finished in 2009!

Hoping to continue finding the time and enthusiasm to call myself a quilter in 2010!

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