Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cat Art

I'm slow today getting to the computer... I cleaned my house! That sounds like I don't normally (which may be true) but I was having guests today and later this weekend and figured I might as well spend blogging time baking cookies, vacuuming and putting things away instead. You never know when a guest might want to see the sewing room (heaven forbid!)

But cleaning is done, cookies have been eaten and guests have gone home. My blogging schedule is haywire (I usually am on the computer in the morning) so what can I show you today?

A far away acquaintance who used to live in Japan and is now in the States (and we "re-found" each other because of my blog) sent me a link to a Japanese lunchbox that she knew I would like. So cute! Lunch boxes in Japan are filled with little tidbits of things and the kindergarten mothers can get quite artistic making children's lunchboxes. I'm afraid this would be too cute to eat and besides I don't make lunch boxes very often anymore (thank you Lord!). The years that the kids were in kindergarten it was an every morning chore and when Takumi hit high school he had to take a lunch every day too. While I was at it I made a lunch for Tetsu (and charged him for it! What a wife! Tetsu forbade me from making Takumi pay for his!) so I have had enough of making lunches. And of course mine never were as elaborate as this one. (Picture from the Internet)

The lunchbox kitty looks like it is made of rice balls with stripes of black seaweed (nori), a common "paper" for wrapping rice balls. The arms and legs look like fish cakes and the pink accents are probably ham. I guess the fillers around the edges are deep fried shrimp, vegetables and salad etc.

Speaking of cats (I was, you know), I took a couple pictures of my student's cat the other day. This is Kuro-chan which means Black. A HUGE cat and black. But not really. I have always found Kuro-chan so striking because underneath the black he is pure white.

Fluff up Kuro-chan's fur a bit and he is really a white cat with just the tips of each hair black...

A beautiful kitty!

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