Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am a cat

"I am a Cat"

How about some cat pictures? I have so many pictures of cat balls but they all look alike anyway. Generally speaking, out of 6 cats 5 will gather together in a ball (to keep warm?) and everyone gets along nicely. Velvet hates Toi and Patora (and vice versa) and so lives alone with a heater in my sewing room. On the occasions when I forget to close a door and the three of them meet each other, Vel usually ends up under the sofa and as protection (like a skunk?) sprays and leaves smelly droppings.

The other cats all seem very happy with each other. USUALLY...

The other day I came home to THIS on the stairway landing. Has Tanya been lax is her vacuuming duties? Nope. This is cat fluff so at least two cats were involved in a confrontation. Which two cats? There is definitely some orange fur in there so I know Toi was one of the culprits. He usually is... Toi is getting so rowdy and aggressive that Tetsu and I have been thinking of letting him back outside when he wants... Work off some of that energy. Toi and Cleo are the two cats that have the most run-ins so the rest of that brown fur must be Cleo's. (Mi and Vel were locked up that day).

But Cleo and Toi were sitting together comfortably on the sofa so whatever their problem was they worked it out. (And I vacuumed up the evidence of their argument.)

Tetsu is a HUGE fan of Mi.

"Mi is the cutest cat we've ever had." And the feeling is mutual because Mi climbs into Tetsu's futon and seeks him out when he is home.

Here's a picture of Patora adding some cat fur to my baby quilt. Oops. This quilt has been done for a week so I guess the picture is from awhile ago.

And Chip and Toi make minor use of the cat tree.

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