Monday, January 04, 2010

January sewing

The first quilty content of the year.

With a little time on the computer I was thinking I'd like to do a BOM and a couple of blog friends had pointed me to Bunny Hill a few months ago. I really thought that this was a cute BOM and though I'm not usually up for cutesy things nor am I a great fan of applique, this looks small and the results would be different from anything I've ever done before. So I've downloaded the instructions (this was a BOM for 2009!) and have made one block. So far so good.

I can see some of my patchwork group following along on this so I will share it with them and see if anyone else wants to make a game of it. (Of course we are still in our mini-Round Robin game and that is going nowhere so far...) It is always fun to be making the same quilt at the same time and see what the different personalities come up with.

A new blogger has entered cyberspace and Yuki's first picture shown on her blog was of a Jewel Box quilt which reminded me that I wanted to make this someday. I had saved the instructions from Nancy's blog and I've been looking for a pattern to make a baby quilt so this is it! I even cut up some fabric this morning!

When I was getting ready to go back to my quilting and patchwork I couldn't find any embroidery thread, any thimbles, not even any quilting thread!!! I guess I cleaned up too well. I found the thimbles and embroidery thread but have not yet spotted the quilting thread. Maybe the cats found it before me and it is now lodged under the piano. My feathered star quilt is waiting for me...

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