Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jewel Box finished!

Yeah! First completed quilt of 2010! I put the finishing stitches into the Jewel Box quilt yesterday morning. Certainly a different feel from some of the gorgeous Jewel Box quilts I've seen on other blogs (I LOVED Nancy's!) but this is cheery and nice for a child. Sort of an odd size for a baby quilt but better than nothing.

Last summer Mrs. Furui and I participated in quilt project for children in Italy (sponsored by Roberta) and we donated a couple quilts each. My scrap quilts were nothing to rave about, but Mrs. Furui's delicate quilts were pastel colors and soft and sweet. When we later saw the pictures from Roberta's blog of some of the quilts that were donated, Mrs. Furui's comment to me was.

"I realize that I should have used brighter colors and pop fabric for children..."

That is not true! Mrs. Furui's soft-colored quilts are always heirloom quilts and I'm sure God directed them to some sweet child that needed a little peace in his or her life. All quilts are beautiful. All quilts will fill a need.

When I see my happy Jewel Box quilt I think...

"Hmm. Maybe for a baby, a color coordinated, pastel quilt would have been more appropriate. The poor child is never going to be able to get to sleep with this in the crib!

Then I remember. All quilts are beautiful and will surround the baby in love. All quilts will fill a need.

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