Friday, January 08, 2010

Jewel box flimsy

Well, the Jewel box won out over spring and finding the heater. At least to flimsy stage. I've opted for no borders just because this is large enough as is. And I'm not sure what I'm going to do about quilting this. If this is going to be machine quilted then I'd better go look for the heater some more. If this is going to be hand quilted then I can stay in the warm downstairs.

I'd prefer to do this by hand just because I still have about three months until my friend's grandchild will be born. I also like hand quilting for the soft feel that it gives a quilt. That seems right for a baby quilt. But so far I can only imagine hand quilting down the middle of those chains and maybe around the "jewels" in the center of the blocks. Neither of those need any marking (I use masking tape to "draw" my straight line) so if I can find some nice backing in my stash and get this basted I could start quilting tonight.

My feathered star is going to be lonely again...

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