Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Refrigerator full

Yesterday I had a full day of sewing. There hasn't been one of those in just ages and once school starts and I'm back on a regular schedule these will be few and far between. I decided to make use of my leader-enders squares and get started on a Jewel box quilt. Velvet thought that was a great idea and offered to help me hold them down...

Because I already had the smaller squares, I spent most of the day sewing those together and cutting out larger squares to make triangles. This is a scrap quilt and it seemed like a good chance to use up some of my smaller pieces of fabric. I have a large basket of crumbs and other stuff that gets thrown in there that are larger than crumbs but strangely shaped. In fact most of the stuff should be thrown in the trash but there is always a tiny bit of something that is needed for applique and so I paw around strewing fabric petals all around me looking for a certain color.

Has this ever happened to you?

"Hmm. I need some green in this quilt. Any green in this basket? Rats. Not a single piece that is the right color green. Okay. How about pink? No pink that I like either. Orange? Purple? Blue. Nope none of those colors that would match. Well. What IS in here? A lot of lights."

"Okay, now I need some lights for this quilt.... WHY ARE THERE NO GOOD LIGHTS IN THIS BASKET? WHAT IS ALL THIS STUFF?!!!!"

That was sort of how the day went. Why is there all that fabric but nothing that would work well in my quilt? It reminds me of when my brother was a teenager and he looked in the refrigerator overflowing with ketchup and salad dressings and relishes and moldy cheese and said,

"Why is this refrigerator so full but there's nothing in here to eat?"

This is my Jewel box quilt still in components up on the wall. Not too thrilled about the choice of lights there... This is a baby quilt so I could stop at two blocks by four or go on and make it three blocks by three blocks. I'm headed upstairs to work on this again.

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