Sunday, January 24, 2010


Applique finished on the mini-Round Robin. Now I get to decide how I want to quilt it... Machine would be easiest but it takes the most thinking... A filler here, a filler there. Decorative hearts or flowers or more Celtic swirls (could I even do that?) over many different blocks. But this is mini so time-wise whatever I do will get done quickly.

I came back from a walk with Choco and if truth be told, grabbed the front of my jacket with my teeth so that I could pull down the zipper with one hand. Aaaugh! A chunk of my front tooth chipped off! RATS! Okay. Call the dentist. Oh no! He's on vacation for three days. Call another dentist. Nope all appointments filled until Tuesday. Hmm. I could walk around looking like Huckleberry Finn I suppose... why be vain? I could pretend I have a cold or don't want to catch influenza and wear a mask like other Japanese. Or I could throw myself at some dentist's mercy and stand in his waiting room until he helped me.

I chose the latter route and smiling broadly (See my half a tooth? See how dorky I look? Don't you want to help me?) I randomly chose a dentist whose parking lot looked empty and said I wouldn't mind AT ALL waiting until the dentist could fix my tooth. (I had my Kindle.) And the unknown dentist very kindly saw me in less than half an hour.

I no longer have a dorky smile (though it is a bit crooked, isn't it?) and I only paid about $20 out of pocket.

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