Friday, January 15, 2010

Some days are like that. Yeah, they are.

I joined my friends at patchwork yesterday. We are still coloring the Hugs and Kisses quilt. Now we are working on the corners and then those have to have textile sealer applied and be embroidered etc. before the quilt comes together as a flimsy... So no needles and thread yesterday, just coloring and talking and eating.

We had a bit of discussion about our Mini-Round Robin quilts that are still making the rounds. This month a thin border will be added and then quilted before getting passed on for the final binding application.

I SOOOO wish I could show you this Mini-Round Robin just because I have NO idea of what to do! But the recipient visits my blog so I can't ask for help here. Humph! This is not turning out as I expected and I don't know why I feel responsible. According to some people, some of the MRRs are turning out beautifully (I haven't seen them all) but the one I have now is NOT exciting. The colors don't really go together. There is no theme. Appliqued daises, crazy quilt block, pinwheels, liberty prints, maps of the world fabric, turquoise and purple, hand-dyed fabrics, gingham checks. So my job is to put on a border. Easy enough, but what is going to tie this all together...

A question.

The applique and embroidery on this MRR is very sparse. Yet there is a lot of space that "needs" something more. I could try to add more interest by appliqueing a few more daises I suppose, but the instructions are "apply a border" not "try to revive a boring quilt". I'm so afraid that the recipient is going to be disappointed and maybe a little ruffled when she sees this, and as I said, since I started this game I feel responsible... But I don't want to hurt anyone else's feelings by "fixing" things. (Although they might really be relieved... And besides, why should I think that I could fix this anyway?... I'm not so almighty...) Shall I just do my job and pass it on or should I try to add some interest to my friend's quilt?

I'll be glad when our Mini-Round Robin game is finished... Bad attitude, Tanya.

And I came home to the sound of running water and I find that a faucet had burst in our bathroom. Hot water spewing everywhere which isn't as bad as it sounds since Japanese bathrooms are sort of like a big shower stall anyway.

I remembered how to turn the main line off and called Tetsu who was NOT pleased to be bothered in the middle of the day. But what's a person to do? At least he might be able to suggest a plumber or something. And with the water off that meant no toilet use nor water for cooking. Tetsu grumpily came home and fiddled with the faucet swearing at curious cats who came to inspect his work. He stomped around the house flinging words at me to "lock up your dumb cats!" They are mine when they annoy him. After a trip to the hardware store he replaced the faucet and stomped back to work (at 6:30) slamming the door behind him and saying he'd be home late.

Thank you, Tetsu. Sorry to bother you.

=^-.-^= "meow"

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