Monday, January 18, 2010

Works in Progress

I'm not doing too much today. I counted up my Works-in-Progress.

I have the Bunny Hill BOM and though I'm ahead in that, I'm working on block number 4... I don't know why when there are other things to do. Oops, I guess I didn't show block number 3. March has St. Patrick's Day so the clovers. A little hard to explain to Japanese friends who don't know St. Patrick's Day.

Feathered Star... poor thing, again relegated to a corner.

Jewel Box which has been turned into a nest by Mi.

And this morning I was making a simple nine patch because a new friend wants me to help her get started on the simplest pattern possible so that she can make a baby quilt for her grandchild -to-be. She isn't willing to try machine piecing so I hand pieced this sample and went through in my head how to explain making a template, cutting fabric, matching seams, etc. All those things moderately advanced quilters take for granted. I guess I have enough experience that I can teach this. The question is can I pass my enthusiasm for patchwork on to someone else without overwhelming her...

Oh rats, I have that mini-Round Robin sitting on the table too. I loved some of the suggestions for that project.

Thank you BrendaLou! Fantastic advice!

"#1 Law of Quilting: All rules are made to be broken!"

Maybe I can relax and enjoy this a bit more...

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