Thursday, February 04, 2010

Baby quilt flimsy

I have a flimsy!

I spent most of Tuesday morning flag sewing 2 inch squares into nine-patches and then put it all together to make a scrappy baby quilt. There is supposed to be one more border on this but I'm leaving it as is. On the docket today is quilting.

Every single time I make a quilt I go through the agonizing process of deciding whether to quilt it by machine or by hand. I wish I could just get set a policy in my head.

"All baby quilts will be by hand. All tapestry quilts will be by machine.' Or"All gift quilts will be by machine. All family quilts will be by hand."

Or something similar to that. But at each and every quilt I stop and think and at night even DREAM about which way to go.

"Hand quilting is so much softer for a baby quilt."

"No non-quilter would appreciate the time that goes into hand quilting."

"With machine quilting I might really get some cute designs in this and I do need the practice."

"That baby is born. This needs to be done quickly! Machine is the way to go!"

I'm still deciding...

I also have the Mini-Round Robin ready to quilt and that will definitely be done by machine. (Small and the recipient is a fan of machine quilting.) Now to agonize over WHAT to quilt. I need to stop thinking and start doing.

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