Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cats and dogs and cold

I ended up housebound yesterday because of snow. Fine with me! More excuses to sew! It sure was cold though! Choco and I went out for a short walk and she really looked like a bird dog. Choco is still dirty but I decided to show pictures of her anyway since she usually gets gypped out of appearing on my blog. The cats are just cuter (and cleaner) for photographing. So here is Choco in all her doggy glory!

"Hurry up Mom! I want to see what's out in the forest!"

Choco wishes (and I wish) that I would let her off the leash to run. With all this space out here it would be nice but she takes off and won't come back. Here she is trying to be very good on a "Sit! Stay!" She will behave while I am still in sight.

See, with that black around her eyes Choco really isn't very photogenic.

Paw prints in the snow. Even cat paw prints are cuter!!

These are Mi's prints because she got out when I was putting kerosene in the heater. Why do my animals want to run away when I love them so much! You would think they were escaping from jail or something. Mi was across the street and up a tree before I caught her.

And here is a rare picture of Velvet. Look what he is sitting on. A cat hot water bottle! My friend Mrs. Nakazawa visited this week bearing gifts of pound cakes and a cat heater! This neat little gadget gets put in the microwave for 5 minutes and then slipped into a furry pouch to set in a cat box or in this case Tetsu's cat shelter. Vel likes to go out into the shelter (and freeze) but he's keeping his rear end warm.

Mi says she wants to try it too!

Thank you Mrs. Nakazawa!

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