Monday, February 15, 2010

Cats and more cats

Cats and cats and more cats. They spend most of the day sleeping or meowing for more food or urping up on the carpet. One or two keep my feet warm at night. A couple sit and look out the window once or twice a day.

Only Mi does anything that attracts attention. She LOVES to play and turns anything into a toy.

Tetsu and Mi have a love affair going.

Mi has three or four stuffed animals and mice that she throws into the air and wrestles with. You can just see that she is pretending to be a ferocious tiger. Other times she is happy to bat the lamp pull back and forth occasionally turning the light off or on for us.

Let's see. I guess Toi and Patora are trying to earn their keep... They have learned to turn on the washing machine and do the laundry.

Toi and Patora get locked in the laundry room at feeding time with the door locked (small cord on a nail--they know how to open doors too). As soon as they finish eating the two of them jump on the washing machine asking to be let out. More often than not, one of them will step on the START button. That really doesn't do anything but put the washing machine in starting mode for a few minutes until someone pushes the ACTIVATE button. If the ACTIVATE button doesn't get pushed within a certain length of time the washing machine will turn itself off. BUT... with Toi and Patora are trouncing all over the washing machine they sometimes manage to stomp on the ACTIVATE button and then I hear the washing machine filling and swishing and washing a load of clothes. Toi and Patora are very undependable about fulfilling their laundry duties. They need a little more training...

And here we have another cat ball. 5 of the 6 cats gathered on the sofa in the sunlight. We need a new sofa just so that Tetsu has someplace to sit!

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