Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday my friend sent me a picture of her Japanese dolls put on display for Girls' Day, (March 3rd). The display is beautiful but can you see in the upper left-hand corner that a furry family member is up there too trying to look like one of the dolls? My friend's cat carefully made its way up the tiers and past all the dolls and implements, and delicately seated itself next to the Emperor doll at the top. Those are very expensive dolls so I hope the kitty continues to be careful about where it sits!

And though we are a little early I thought I'd show you some of the Girls' Day "dolls" I have around my house. (Actually my little traditional ones are still packed away in their box. I'll have to get them out this week...)

Tetsu brought these home last week from his convalescent home. The care workers were making a pair for each resident to decorate the dining room tables. I think they are made of milk cartons and Japanese paper and Styrofoam balls. So cute! And they rock back and forth when you touch them!

Then I got in on the act and decided to try some "origami" Girls' Day dolls. I had a little trouble figuring out the directions for these so they are not perfected yet. I'm going to have to try this again. The cats have great fun batting these around so they may not last very long...

And while I was at it I tried a paper doll that is cut out and pasted together rather than folded. Too many little pieces! (That sounds funny coming from a patchwork quilter.)

Can you tell why it takes me so long to finish quilting projects? I'm always ready to try something new!

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