Monday, February 01, 2010

Homemade love

Takumi's friend is going to the States to visit him this week and the young man offered to take anything I could think of that Takumi might like. How nice! What should I send with him?

Big question! I realize that in the 7 years that my son has lived in the States that I don't know what his interests are any more. I have a feeling his style in clothes has changed (he has a girlfriend who coordinates for him these days) and I don't know what his hobbies are anymore. (He used to be a big game fan but I don't think he has time to play anyway.)

Saturday I spent the day looking but not buying.

"No... No... I don't think he wears things like this. No... There's no big thrill in a bath mat or a towel. All these things he can buy in the States anyway and probably cheaper."

A very frustrating shopping experience.

So yesterday Tetsu and I did the rounds again. He couldn't understand what the problem was... until he went shopping himself.

"No... No... Why would a 24 year old need comics?" (Tetsu's old standby for presents for the kids.) "We can't even buy him shoes." (Another standby).

So we ended up with a couple of Japanese books since that was what I craved for when I first came to Japan. I don't know if Takumi will have time to read those.

So today I need to take the books and a few other little things over to Takumi's friend.

AND COOKIES! I baked cookies last night.

I don't even remember if Takumi liked these cookies or not, but maybe he'll have some memories of Mom's baking sprees when he was little...

Say it with cookies!

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